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I. How do we understand the game?


Tennis consists of a sequence of work of eyes, legs, brain and hands.

The 4 steps of tennis

(1) Recognize the trajectory of the ball, (2) move the body to position itself, (3) select the stroke and (4) activate feet and hands for its final execution.

''Speed is king''

It is the differential element that separates the best players from the rest.

The fast game

The real beauty of this sport is at the speed in which players are able to combine the actions of the game sequence.

In competition

The essence of tennis, as in sport in general, is competition

Learning by competing

Mastering all the aspects mentioned above at a high speed and being able to do so in competition is the biggest challenge a player will have.

II. The 10 principles of our method

Educatennis Sports DNA

Comprehensive teaching

The integration of technical, coordinating, tactical and competitive concepts from the start is essential for the optimal development of the players.

Player development

Players don't spend years practicing technically complicated gestures before starting to work on the tactics or competing. Players naturally learn all the technical needs looking for solutions to tactical problems during the competition.

The power of curiosity

Cultivating curiosity and interest develops and promotes player autonomy

Motivation and interest

Reciprocal teaching between players, guided discovery, methods on questions for players to reflect and think, propose ''motivating challenges'' that work to overcome the proposed activities

Mix of methods

The combination of various training methods is key to harnessing the potential of players.

From guided discovery to reciprocal teaching

The mix of methodologies increases the cognitive participation of the student and promotes the autonomy and confidence of the players.

Fun is essential

A fun teaching method with many games and challenges makes it easy to keep our players motivated at any age.

The creative player

Competition against others and against oneself creates a level of intensity and concentration that causes players to raise their level.

The learning chain

Our teaching philosophy is based on the development of players through the chaining of the concepts necessary to achieve effective, complete and modern tennis players

About Teaching

Throughout their development stages, players must continue to evolve, and learn, but above all, coaches shall prioritize the improvement of their innate abilities.

Developing speed as a key factor

Reducing game space and hitting time, we accelerate decision-making and motor response from our players

Shortening players' reaction times

EducaTennis methodoogy is new and disruptive, as it creates the conditions that favor work on specific and necessary neurotransmitter stimuli in the teaching of tennis

Learning by competing

From an early age we teach through games to start confronting the player to the reality of the sport.

Let's play!

Competition against others and against oneself creates a level of intensity and concentration that is the essence that makes players raise their level. It also starts to face players with real problems and difficulties that arise in the competition.

Challenges as a work tool

With challenges systems, we support the coach and the player, through ''motivational challenges'' that help them evolve and progress naturally


The feeling of developing skills is vital to the continuity of players in the sport.

Educa tennis recreates specific game situations for players to learn through experimentation

Natural development

... naturally finding the best way to achieve the proposed goals.

Organization of players

To develop the proposed goals, involving players in the organization and management of the space

The Organization of Spaces

... and get the most out of all players' time.

III. What we offer

Educatennis as a business tool

Plug and play tool

The tool we put in the coaches hands integrates all the knowledge of our vision of tennis and how we teach to play in a very orderly and visual way.


Adapted resources

We provide tools to solve real problems of trainers with needs of the S.XXI

Guaranteed methodology

We want to help you grow your business and we think that the activity you do is the main success factor. More than 20 years of experience in leading projects in the sector support us.

Connect with the world

Continued training can be key to success in your career. Our claim is not casual, share and grow. We want to give coaches the opportunity to participate and collaborate in Educa Sports knowledge.

Updated programs

Our content is designed to maximize the potential of coaches and players, with content tailored to current tennis and the latest training methodologies.


World-class experts in tennis training and performance and other areas related to player development.

Online courses and planning

Lifetime access to theoretical digital lessons and subscriptions to immediate practice content in track training

Educatennis certificate

Get your certificate and become a specialist in your passion

“Life is like a tennis game. Yoy can’t win without serving”

– Arthur Ashe


“Mentoring the local coach”. Empowering the local people”.

Born in 2001, our tennis teaching model has more than 20 years of experience. The Educatennis method has helped coaches and clubs around the world develop players of any age in their tennis career. Educatennis has a community of international professionals who want to accompany the growth of the next generation of coaches with the support of 21st century technology and the strength of networking.


“#Sportstech and #sportspassion”.

Educatennis has a group of professionals united for their passion for athletic performance and new technologies. From diverse origin and training, we have come together to redesign a successful educational project and create an instrument that will help bring sport closer to all layers of society. Our origin is tennis, but sport has no borders.


Joel Figueras Torras

Born in Barcelona on September 7, 1964, Joel has been dedicated to the world of tennis. After his time as a professional tennis player, he began his career as coach of professional tennis players at the age of 25, arriving in a short time to be coach of the Mexican team of the Davis Cup (elimination world group Spain – Mexico, Marbella 1989, ). Today, after a long career, he serves as a consultant advising Tennis Schools, High Performance Academies and Internationally Renowned Federations such as the USTA of the United States (2013-2015). Father of three children, Noah, Ian and Genís, Joel is a “natural-born-leader”, charismatic, generous and optimistic. He shares his love for sport to those around him with the exact dose of passion and knowledge.