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“Life is like a tennis game. You can’t win without serving”

– Arthur Ashe


“Mentoring the coach. Empowering the people “.

Born in 2001, our tennis teaching model has more than 20 years of experience. The Educatennis method has helped coaches and clubs around the world develop players of any age in their tennis career. Educatennis has a community of international professionals who want to accompany the growth of the next generation of coaches with the support of 21st century technology and the strength of networking.


“#Sportstech and #sportspassion”.

Educatennis has a group of professionals united for their passion for athletic performance and new technologies. From diverse origin and training, we have come together to redesign a successful educational project and create an instrument that will help bring sport closer to all layers of society. Our origin is tennis, but sport has no borders.


Joel Figueras Torras

Born in Barcelona on September 7, 1964, Joel has been dedicated to the world of tennis. After his time as a professional tennis player, he began his career as coach of professional tennis players at the age of 25, arriving in a short time to be coach of the Mexican team of the Davis Cup (elimination world group Spain – Mexico, Marbella 1989, ). Today, after a long career, he serves as a consultant advising Tennis Schools, High Performance Academies and Internationally Renowned Federations such as the USTA of the United States (2013-2015). Father of three children, Noah, Ian and Genís, Joel is a “natural-born-leader”, charismatic, generous and optimistic. He shares his love for sport to those around him with the exact dose of passion and knowledge.