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<span>Delrey Beach, LA</span>
"I have known Educa for many years and it has helped me to have a great structure on my group lessons."
José Antonio Fernández Delrey Beach, LA
<span>Boca Ratón, FI</span>
"EducaTennis has brought me success both as a Junior Player and now as a coach as well."
Nico Fernández Boca Ratón, FI
<span>Austin, Texas</span>
"I had the privilege of meeting EducaTennis early in my coaching career and I had a profound impact on my development as a coach. His coaching philosophy, style and mindset are unparalleled and are skills I carry with me as I continue to develop the top junior tennis players in the world"
Sharik Khan Austin, Texas
<span>Volunteer Assistant Coach Portland State University</span>
"Thanks to Educatennis, I had the opportunity to have an intense training program that helped me get a scholarship to play college tennis in the United States. Educatennis has also helped me train as a coach and train high-level players"
Simon Omedes Volunteer Assistant Coach Portland State University
"Conozco Educatennis hace ya muchos años y me ha dado excelentes fundamentos para organizar mis entrenamientos grupales desde los 6 años hasta jugadored profesionales."
Marc Visiedo Barcelona
"As a young coach educa has helped me with my development. It’s a great tool to use in my group lessons and helps me to keep my players engage and happy."
Olaya Garrido Tennessee
"Though I have worked at numerous academies in different continents around the world, the Educa tennis system is by far the most professional and adaptive system I have come across. From working with the highest level of Junior players; to organize groups for beginners/intermediates, the Educa Tennis programme covers all areas and gives coaches a huge framework of exercises to conduct lessons of the highest quality. I would strongly recommend Educa tennis to coaches working with all levels and backgrounds"
Chris Begg London
<span>Head Coach of LSU, Luisanna</span>
"In 2013 and 2014 I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside Educa founder Joel Figueras. Joel was brought to Player Development by Jose Higueras to structure the tennis philosophy for all the coaches. His knowledge and understanding of the game highly impacted the program and myself as a coach. His progressions and drills helped me develop the under 15 players to win 2 Les Petits As and multiple US national championships"
Andy Brandi Head Coach of LSU, Luisanna
<span>Costa Rica</span>
"As a tennis coach, Educatennis helped me organize my classes, coordinate large group of students and measure their development year after year. I give Educatennis the highest recommendation possible."
Julia Roca Costa Rica
<span>República Dominicana</span>
"Thanks to EducaTennis I am never stressed when I have big groups. Is the most efficient way in the world to manage group lessons without losing quality. Every player on the court will always have a task to accomplish and will remain engaged all the way."
Freddy Rodríguez República Dominicana
<span>Cape Town, South Africa</span>
"I have had the privelage of being in the company of Educa founder Joel Figueras for a couple of years. I personally used the information for the development of men’s tennis proffesionals. The drills and progressions are always purposeful and it vastly contributed to the approach I use to develop multiple top 100 ATP players including Roddick, Fish, Klahn, Sijsling, Fratangelo, Tecau amongst others."
Stanford Boster Cape Town, South Africa
"I have been familiar with the trainings since its begining and have been applying the good things that it offers me."
Jeremy Lima Belgium


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