Learn to compete – Learn competing

Learn to compete – Learn competing

From an early age we teach through games and competitions to start confronting the player to the reality of the sport.

During training practices one of our objectives is to create a fun and relaxed fun and relaxed environment, where the players learn to compete, by playing games and points. At the same time that you try to win, players have to follow the values ​​that competition intrinsically requires, which is; the fucose, the effort, not giving up until the last ball and respect for the opponent.

By carrying out mini-competitions or mini-matches, with specific tactical objectives, we create game situations in which the players learn by doing, with a specific focus on different areas of the game (baseline game, attack, net game and start of plays with service and return, etc.).

In each of the “mini matches”, it is encouraged to record the score of the points, for two reasons; first that the players get more engaged and second so that later the coaches can analyze the statistics of the game of each of the players and have a good understanding of what’s going on with the player’s game. Being able to access the game statistics of the different tactical drills of each player allows the coaches to recognize which are the strengths (to enhance in the game) and which are the player’s weaknesses (to improve), it is very useful information that should be used to develop the player.

During these competitions and in an integrated way, the mental skills of tennis can also be worked, focusing mainly on the control of emotions, concentration, self-control, frustration tolerance, improvement of body language and the management of both victory as well as defeat.

At the same coaches, must create some small rules of the game, so you can develop a warning system that penalizes players with bad behavior. The coaches must emphasize maintaining a high intensity during the mini matches, but maintaining respect and fair play.

Types of competitions:

1 – Mini Matches that enhance the consistency of the baseline game.

2 – Mini Matches that enhance the attacking game vs. defensive game.

3 – Mini Matches that enhance certain baseline shots.

4 – Mini Matches that enhance the attack and approaches to the net.

5 – Mini Matches that enhance the net game.

6 – Mini Matches that enhance the beginning of plays with the service and the return and the following shots

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